iSee Inked full review

Contour Design's new iSee Inked for the iPod nano is a new take on the popular iSee cases. The Inked version sees designs etched directly onto the case.

The ‘Reverb’ design looks like you’ve got a thick black hair caught under the case, but some of the others, particularly the ‘Squares’ and ‘Circles’ look pretty cool. There are six designs available in total.

The case is made of a tough polycarbonate shell, and comes in three bits - the front and back click together, and there’s an optional screen cover that clips under the front plate.

This renders your nano pretty much unscratchable, without adding much bulk. The headphone socket, clickwheel, hold switch and dock connector remain usable.

The Inked look adds a new spin to the old iSee idea, but the case is still a reliable, snug fit for the iPod nano.

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