knomo iPhone 5 Leather Folio Wristlet full review

The iPhone 5 Leather Folio Wristlet case is the latest Apple accessory from the London based, self-styled techcessories brand knomo. Clearly positioned as a premium brand, it isn't cheap but looks and feels like a quality investment, one that should have plenty of use as long as Apple doesn't radically change the dimensions of the next, much anticipated iPhone. Knomo's folio case is a good mix of style and substance, a lush, soft pebbled leather exterior available in black or teaberry, combined with a fairly sturdy moulded plastic shell, which aims to protect your iPhone on your travels. Once firmly clipped in place, a nicely tactile microfibre lining is designed to avoid marks and scratches. 

 knomo iPhone 5 Leather Folio Wristlet

The shell gives access to all the usual iPhone connections, and docking and charging your device shouldn't be an issue despite the wraparound design. Knomo's folio uses a magnetic snap-fastening flap for keeping the case in place, and in practice this works fine and doesn't feel too fiddly when someone calls. An internal pebbled leather card pocket is a nice touch, although it's clearly limited by space to one, at a push, two cards. 

 knomo iPhone 5 Leather Folio Wristlet

We were particularly attracted to the leather wristlet strap, which like the iPod touch loop, adds a sense of security when carrying your iPhone. As the case comes moulded with a camera hole, it's a great asset when composing a photo in inclement conditions, as we discovered recently when trying to take a panoramic photo of London from a windy Waterloo bridge. The strap may also help protect you from undesirables, although it's clearly no substitute for keeping alert and aware of your surroundings, and those around you. Should you wish, you can easily remove the strap, to lighten your load a tad.

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