iHold full review

My nan always used to say: "A place for everything and everything in its place". That's the one thing that Phillips Plastics iHold has bought to my desk. A place to put my iPhone. Of course I could just put my iPhone on my desk. But the iHold means it has a home, and I always know where to find it.

Apart from that reason there is little reason to part with £7.95 to purchase yourself an iHold.

We do chuckle at Phillips Plastics claim on it's website that the product solves the following problem: "Ever had the problem when your iPhone has a mind of its own, sliding all over the desk and not staying still?" Uh... Can't say we've noticed that iPhone moving around our desk.

The other claim is a little more relevant: "It also doubles as a stress ball!" Although squeezing the material is complicated by the shape of the product, it just won't fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

One nice little touch is the channel at the bottom of the unit into which you can feed your iPhone charging cable. After all, having a place for everything means you can keep things tidy.

We think the real market for the iHold is company mailers to clients or customers. Indeed, Phillips Plastics does note on its website that you can buy a batch and get them printed with your logo.

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