Power Skin full review

We had a conversation with someone in a lift recently. It turned out that they were buying a Google Nexus phone because they’d be able to change the battery. Of course, this isn’t an option with the iPhone, they said knowingly. However, there is an option for iPhone owners who are frustrated that they can’t get enough juice out of their iPhone. The MiLi Power Skin is a case with incorporates a battery pack.

There are a few of these battery packs on the market, but the MiLi Power Skin is currently the thinnest, lightest one available. That said, it’s certainly much more bulky and heavy than a typical iPhone case. Once attached to your iPhone it almost doubles the thickness of your mobile and adds about a centimetre to the length. It might be thin enough to slip into your pocket, but the weight and bulk means you will know it’s there.

Whether you want to ruin the slimline figure of your iPhone in order to go for longer between charges depends on just how frustrated you are by the frequent need to charge up your iPhone – and just how often you need to do so.

Most of us can get through a day without needing to charge our iPhones. However, if you’re a ‘power user’, constantly updating your Tweets on Twitter, or playing power-hogging games, you may well benefit from a boost. Another group likely to benefit from the add-on battery are travellers. With a MiLi Power Skin your iPhone could last the whole of the flight to New Zealand. We managed to get 24 hours of normal use out of our iPhone when it was plugged into the Power Skin.

We also plugged it into a Vodafone iPhone we had in to test and that phone (which has hardly been used) was still going strong three days after it was charged.

The Power Skin snaps onto your iPhone and you charge it via a USB connection. The USB cable is included in the box. At first your iPhone will run from its own internal battery. Once that runs down you press a button on the side of the case and the iPhone will charge up from the battery pack. You do need to remember to press the button – if you leave the iPhone unattended and its battery runs low it won’t automatically switch to the Power Skin.

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