Proporta Leather Case for iPhone full review

Those who are looking for an iPhone case that provides all-round protection – and don’t mind the device’s elegant design being hidden – should consider this Proporta aluminium-lined leather number. 

The iPhone fits into the case quite snuggly, but on occasion the iPhone slid out of place, once almost falling out completely. 

The case covers both the front and back of the iPhone, as well as portions of the sides, leaving space for access to ports and buttons. The front part of the case flips up and over the back of the iPhone, which works well until you need to use the rear facing camera, as it’s fiddly to hold the case out of the way of the lens.

The sides of the iPhone’s screen are also slightly obstructed, which can be annoying.

We found that we flipped the case shut quite hard, which we think could damage the iPhone. 

While the case looks great, we think the iPhone looks better, so for us having it so disguised isn’t ideal. 


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