Proporta Leather Style Case full review

This reddish number is a well-made cover for your 2G iPod touch. It’s got a leathery feel, but that doesn’t mean it’s leather. The clue is in the name – ‘Leather Style’.

It does a good imitation, but it doesn’t smell like leather and doesn’t feel as smooth. It looks pretty swish though, if a bit bulky.

The case has a magnetic clasp that keeps the top flap in place, and the iPod itself is held in place by some solid metal runners on the inside. If you shake the thing hard the iPod will shift a bit, but you’d be hard pushed to dislodge it - and with the clasp fastened in place it couldn’t fall out. The top flap has two slots that look like they could be for credit cards, but it would be difficult to get your plastic out if you used them.

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