Qdos Jet Skin full review

The Jet Skin is made of ‘ultra gloss silocone’ according to Qdos, but it feels rather like Batman would if he’s bought his suit in Poundstretcher.

The jet black look is all very well, but the feel of the material is pretty gross. The silicone was actually stuck to the packaging when we unwrapped it, such is the sweaty, stretchy ickiness of the material. It’s also available in white.

The Jet Skin comes with a transparent screen protector that sticks to the iPhone’s screen to prevent scratches and scrapes. As usual, there are holes for all the sockets, the camera lens, and the volume switch - but we haven’t seen a cutout that makes the Apple logo visible before. However, it’s circular, and ours was slightly off centre.

The Jet Skin also comes with a squidgy headphone holder with a reel to wrap the cable around. This is made of the same ultra gloss silicone as the main case.

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