metalliKASE full review

Every since the antenna issue came to light with the iPhone 4, external cases have taken on a new meaning.

The Scosche metalliKASE is a wrap-around case that protects the sides and rear of the iPhone 4.

In some ways it's quite subtle: the case is thin and unobtrusive, clipping on to the back of the iPHone 4; on the other hand it's made out of chrome-effect polycarbonate, turning the whole of the sides and rear into a shiny chrome mirror.

Not that it's a bad look. It actually makes the iPhone 4 quite stylish, and in some ways it looks more like the original phone (with the metallic background).

All the ports are accessible, and there is an area cut-out on the rear for the camera and flash to work.

It's also supplied with a mirrored screen protector, that is applied to the screen and protects it in use. And also has a mirror effect when not in use. The combined effect is to turn the whole of the iPhone into a mirror.

We're not really that taken with screen protectors, given that application is a somewhat hit-and-miss affair (it's too easy to end up with trapped air bubbles).

The mirror-effect also hindered the colour, and clarity of the display, makes it harder to view at an angle and more difficult to use in bright sunlight. On the whole we're not taken with it.

The case itself though, that's pretty nice. It's small and looks good, protects the iPhone antenna from drops and minimises the hand-grip effect.

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