Slim Folio Case full review

Slim Folio iPhone 5/5s Case by Covert review

Folio-style iPhone covers are not quite as popular as the classic case styles due to the fact that they obstruct the screen, but if you're seeking more functionality per square centimetre than a typical iPhone case, the Slim Folio case by Covert might be for you.

The folio has a non-slip viewing stand similar to those we often see on iPad cases. Though the appeal of this feature is not as obvious for smaller devices, it is a great option for those who often use their iPhones in landscape mode for watching videos, FaceTiming, reading, and so on.


The cover has a sleek magnet strap closure that works great when the folio is closed. But when actually using the phone, the strap tends to get in the way in both portrait and landscape mode. Fortunately, there's a smart solution - but it's not an obvious one. I actually wrote this whole review thinking that the strap was doomed to hover annoyingly over the screen forever and suggested some double-stick tape to fix the problem, but luckily I discovered the built-in solution before I hit publish. Just push the strap in the opposite direction of its natural curl and - voilà - the magnets will secure the strap out of view.

The stand has two slots for holding cards; even with both cards in there, the Slim Folio manages to never feel bulky. The cards are a bit of a tight fit, though - it was a little difficult getting my credit card in and out of the slot, but I had no trouble with my Oyster Card or student ID. However, the cards did seem to veer off the track a bit though within the slot, leaving me with a crooked card and a noticeable corner poking toward the iPhone. Since the material seems pretty thin, I imagine this might cause a bit of damage over time.

This synthetic leather case comes in pink and light blue and definitely gives off a teenage vibe. The case provides full access to all buttons and ports.

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