Snugg Smart Cover Companion full review

One of the most popular cases for the iPad 2 is the Apple Smart Cover, but as a protective cover it doesn’t live up to its name. It covers just the front, leaving the lovely-looking back exposed.

A scratch on the back isn’t going to affect your use of the iPad 2, but when you’ve spent at least £399 on something, you don’t want it to get roughed up too quickly.

The Snugg Smart Cover Companion fixes this by protecting the back of the iPad while the Smart Cover does its job on the front.

It’s a tough but flexible slip-on case made from thermoplastic polyurethane, which gives the added benefit of being highly resilient to oil and grease.

This case will protect your iPad from knocks and scratches

The design of Snugg Smart Cover Companion allows access to all ports and sockets, so that you can continue to use your external peripherals such as keyboards and portable iPad chargers without needing to remove the case. This is true of most cases (woe betide a case that obstructs the ports, speaker or camera), but the Snugg Smart Cover Companion is spot on, with a speaker cut-out that’s better than some rival Smart Cover companions.

The Snugg is transparent, which means you can see the iconic Apple logo. That said, we’d have preferred not to have the large Snugg branding on such prominent display.

Although see-through, it is available in black and blue. The black looks more olive green against a white iPad 2.

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