Speck PixelSkin HD iPhone 4/4S case full review

A classic, classy iPhone 4 or 4S case, this. The Speck PixelSkin HD has a more refined and less chunky appearance than its predecessor, the plain PixelSkin, but retains its grid texture on the back - the rectangles have just got a bit smaller, which we understand is meant to evoke the pixels of an HD screen. They're not quite that small, of course, but provide a far more grown-up look, not to mention offering grip and making drops less likely.

The rubbery, flexible plastic material means the PixelSkin is easy to apply to the iPhone, and offers low level impact protection and immunity to scratches on the back and sides; the screen isn't covered, but the couple of millimetres of raised lip adds a little safety.

It's slim and compact, adding just 21g to the weight of your phone, and slips easily into a jeans pocket: the texture on the back is subtle enough that it doesn't get caught on things. And as for accessing buttons, ports, cameras and so on - we've got no complaints in that department.

Our review sample was the smart black model but the PixelSkin HD is also available in grey, red, a tasteful pink, a vivid cobalt blue and 'Peacock', a turquoise-ish aqua.

The only very slight complaint we might raise concerns the finish of the moulding - a seam is visible round the circumference of the case, and on our sample there was a small imperfection at one point. It's only Apple's lofty manufacturing standards that makes this sort of thing noticeable, though.

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