Sportsuit Sleeve for iPod nano full review

This neoprene pouch is among the best we’ve seen in terms of protection: the exterior is so thick and cushiony that a nano could probably survive being tossed from a high building while tucked inside. But because it uses an all-protective pouch design, accessing a nano’s controls means pulling the iPod out of the case. If you happen to be doing something else at the same time – like walking – this increases the chance that you’ll drop the iPod. In some ways, even the most protective pouch cases come with their own risks.

What’s more, when we first inserted a nano into the Sleeve, we couldn’t figure out how to plug the headphones in. A closer look at the packaging revealed the trick: to put the iPod in ‘head’ first (ie, upside down); when you pull the case’s Velcro-closed flap over the bottom of the iPod, there’s a small notch so you can plug your headphones in.

Though spartan, the Sportsuit does have a couple of neat features. The back has a mount for Marware’s Multidapt system, which, for an additional cost, lets you add accessories such as a car mount, a bike mount, or a lanyard. A simple plastic belt clip is included. We also liked the small pouch on the front of the case in which earbuds can be stored, though larger headphones – and even large earbuds or canalphones – won’t fit.

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