Tech21 Slip full review

Tech21 has launched a new range of iPhone and iPod cases (as well as cases for laptops), all of which have a secret weapon - a substance known as ‘d3o’. In its raw form, d3o is a gloopy material that firms up on impact, so it’s perfect for protective products. If you ever find a Tech21 employee, they’ll gladly wrap their fingers in d3o and then whack them with a hammer.

The new cases incorporate this material into a solid plastic. The Slip is an understated leather pouch for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The d3o panels are inside the front and back of the case and the sides are well protected too.

The top is open for taking the phone in and out, but it doesn’t easily shake out of the case. It looks cool and offers good protection. If you don’t mind having the screen covered when your iPhone is in the case, it’s a great choice.

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