Tread full review

Tread is a new brand from environmentally-friendly tech company Better Energy Systems (the people responsible for the Solio solar chargers). The aim is to put the material from the worn tyres of South American trucks to use - after all, worn tyres are otherwise burned, and the incredibly durable, heat-, acid-, and UV-resistant material goes to waste.

It’s an admirable idea, and the novel approach is outlined all over the packaging, which tells you the name of the trucker that used the tyres, the route he was taking, and the freight (in the case of the one we tested it was bananas).

The case is snug for an iPhone, and fits an iPod touch well. The rubbery material is cleaned of any roadkill, but does smell quite strongly of tyres. Protection-wise, though the rubber is incredibly strong and feels totally impenetrable. You’ll have to remove the touchscreen from the case before you can operate it, though.

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