Xtand Go full review

While we can think of few quicker ways to crash a car than fiddling with an iPhone behind the wheel, there’s no denying that attaching one to your windscreen is an awesome combination. And that’s where the Xtand Go comes in: this well-built device docks your iPhone to your car windscreen (or car dashboard) in a sat-nav fashion.

The Xtand Go is a comprehensive windscreen mount for the iPhone. It’s well built too, regular readers may have noticed our review of the Xtand for iPhone, or Xtand Pro for MacBooks. Whereas these devices were worth every penny in terms of build aluminium quality, but a bit niche in terms of appeal; the Xtand Go is made of plastic but bound to appeal to everyone.

Despite lacking the aluminium finish that marked other Xtand products we were impressed with the build quality of the Xtand Go. The iPhone clips snugly into a plastic housing, which in turn slots onto a three-way extending arm; this, in turn, clips on to either a suction cup for the windscreen, or into a stickered clip designed to attach to your dashboard.

The housing is designed to clip on an iPhone 3G or 3GS, although it is possible to attach any other iPhone (or any other iPhone case) by using one of the sticker clips. These attach to the rear of your case and enable you to attach any case you want to the Xtand Go.

Xtand Go: Just don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road

Getting the Xstand Go to securely attach to the windshield without dropping down mid-drive proved something of a challenge, but the instruction manual offered assistance. It’s important to twist the plastic around the suction cup, and it tends to be more secure when the extending arm is bunched up.

On the whole we found this a perfectly good windshield mount for the iPhone, and having a mount in the car is excellent for owners of iPhone sat-nav software. It’s certainly better value than the dedicated Tom-Tom stand (although that does contain a GPS booster). Even if you don’t own sat-nav software, being able to use Google Maps on the move is great.

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