iPod replacement battery full review

There’s a definite risk in being one of the first to try a new technology: you get to find out the problems first, too. After 18 months’ use, one morning my original iPod refused to start up. Plugging it into the FireWire port of a PowerBook made no difference. To all intents and purposes, it was dead.

At the time, the battery technology (Lithium Polymer) was in its infancy and there was much misinformation concerning charging procedures. These batteries must never be run down – in fact, they should be topped up before half-empty. The iPod’s ability to appear to turn off when paused leads to the destruction of these batteries.

Replacements were hard to find and expensive – until now. Newer Technology has a new range with different capacities, the highest being 2100mAh as opposed to the original’s 1200mAh. The kit comes with two nylon tools and instructions. The instructions could be better: for instance, there’s absolutely no way of prising the back cover off without holding the iPod in one hand, not “laying it on its back on a soft work surface”. The tools are a bit fiddly, but with patience the back cover can be unclipped and removed.

The rest is quite easy and the battery is a snug fit, being a tad larger than the original. Once installed, the iPod fired up first time, showing a fully-charged battery. Even better, I left it playing through the night and found it still working some 20 hours later. Success!

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