Isis Dei Riviera Bleu Laptop Sleeve full review

Laptop sleeves provide a reasonable amount of protection for those who like to travel light and without the bulk of a dedicated laptop bag or case. That said they are a compromise, offering a limited amount of protection and little room for extras. US based Isis Dei do at least take advantage of memory foam developed by NASA in the 1990s, which gives the sleeve a tactile quality. You can make an indentation with your finger and see the sleeve regain its shape within a second or two. The same applies when you bang the cover on any surface, although this will hopefully be a rare occurrence.

You can use your laptop while it is sitting in the Isis Dei Riviera Bleu sleeve.

The shock-absorbent, polyurethane memory foam comes wrapped in a slightly bling yet subtle navy blue and gold pattern design from Malaysian designer Jimmy Tan. The use of eco friendly hemp fabric is emphasised in both the promotional material and sleeve itself as part of a large logo in the cream coloured interior. Two corner straps help keep your laptop in place, especially if you intend to use your MacBook while still sitting in the Isis Dei sleeve. A double zipper with copper coloured metal pullers is of a decent quality and adds to the feeling that this is a quality product. The Isis Dei Riviera Bleu Laptop Sleeve is available from, billed as a specialist online retailer of netbook and laptop accessories based in Birmingham.


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