a-Jays One Plus full review

The a-Jays One Plus headphones are a little different, with a flat, fettuccine-like cord, and the buds designed to be inserted in your ear canals to form a seal.

The plug on the a-Jays sits at a right angle, and can get in the way of operating your music device. It’s a 3.5mm plug with four contacts, which means that it won’t work with any old MP3 player. They’re for smartphones really, and Jays offers Android users a dedicated app.

A single-button control piece and microphone is mounted on the cord. If you’re grooving to some music and a call comes in, you can press this button to pause the music and answer it. The quality of the microphone is very good, but if you’re outside you might have to turn away from the wind for the best results.

The single-button control piece and large cable make the a-JAYS One Plus slightly heavy. The flat cable does have its advantages – it didn’t seem to get as tangled up as traditional cables, and allowed us to wrap up the headphones neatly before putting them away.

The audio quality of the a-Jays is excellent

Noise isolation is one of the benefits of the plug-in design, and although these headphones didn’t block out as much sound as others we’ve tested, we were still able to listen to music at a reasonable volume on noisy public transport. Outside, there was no sound bleed until we turned the volume way up.

Sound quality is excellent with a deep bass response perfect for electronic and hip hop music. They do a good job of highlighting intricate bass-lines, and provide a vibrant overall sound that also reproduces mid- and high-range frequencies very well.

Our only quibble with these headphones is that the flat speaker cord tended to amplify vibrations from the cord itself. When we bumped the cord, that bump was clearly audible as the vibration travelled up through the cord.

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