Alupad full review

The humble mouse mat is a staple addition to many a computer users desk, but typically it's the cheapest thing in sight.

This is something of an oddity. After all, if you've just bought a stylish Mac, with a not-insubstantial Magic Mouse, why not place it on a decent mouse mat?

That seems to be the thinking from Just Mobile with its Alupad: a sheet of aluminium coated with a white plastic surface. It matches the aluminium and white of a Mac and Magic Mouse perfectly.

Just Mobile claims good design pedigree, with the Alupad crafted by Danish design team Tools Design, and the winner of a Redot design award. It actually looks extremely nice sitting next to an iMac.

It works… well let's just say it works shall we. It's a sheet of metal coated with white plastic. There's not much that can go wrong. It doesn't really do anything more than a regular mouse mat, or even a desk surface, however. But then it doesn't really have to, other than look better. So at £33 it is definitely a luxury purchase.

The white plastic does pick up dust and dirt quite quickly though, and we found ourselves having to clean it on a regular basis. Mind you, this also encourages you to keep the Magic Mouse clean which is no bad thing.

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