Just Mobile HeadStand full review

Just Mobile's HeadStand is simple - it's just a stand for your over-ear headphones - but rather beautiful.

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Aimed at those with nowhere to hang their top-end over-ear headphones and not enough brushed aluminium in their workspace, Just Mobile’s HeadStand is a sumptuously engineered solution to a relatively simple problem.

There's no denying that your average pair of high-quality over-ears takes up a fair bit of space, and can ruin the tidy look of a beautifully minimalist iPad- or Mac-based workstation. Rendered in the firm’s smart trademark metal finish, the HeadStand gives you somewhere to store your headphones, with a flat bar that should fit most sizes and shapes. There’s also a lip on the end to prevent falls, and a hollow around the base for tidying up the headphone’s cable. (This is quite slim, mind, and cramming in chunky cables can be a pain.)

As well as keeping your audio area tidy, the HeadStand doubles as an effective display unit, allowing you to show off your high-end audio gear to good effect. 

Coming in at over £40, this is certainly an indulgence, but it’s a rather lovely one. The HeadStand is smart and well built; weight is just right, giving it stability on the desk, and its balance is good. And visually it will match other Just Mobile products (such as the popular UpStand for the iPad) and, more importantly, almost anything by Apple.

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Just Mobile HeadStand

True DIY virgins may wish to bear in mind that a microscopic amount of self-assembly is required, but it really is just a couple of screws, and makes the package far slimmer than it would otherwise be.

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