DiNovo Mac Edition review

It’s a shame that Logitech doesn’t make its all-white S530 keyboard-and-mouse combo any more, as we rather liked that (you can still get it for £45 on Amazon…). However, the wireless DiNovo is a very attractive alternative.

t has a slimline, low-profile design that is very comfortable to use, but still provides a full-size keyboard and numeric keypad that you can use for serious typing and number-crunching work in the office. The size of the keyboard also means that it provides no less than 19 function keys for controlling iTunes and other features such as the Mac’s QuickLook and Coverflow modes.

The DiNovo includes a separate USB wireless adaptor, so you’ll need a spare USB port on your Mac in order to use it.


The DiNovo is a bit expensive – especially as it doesn’t include a mouse – but it’s well worth considering if you want a stylish and comfortable full-size keyboard with plenty of additional function keys for speeding up common tasks.

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