The Kube full review

Previously known as the Remix Pro, the Kube is the latest incarnation of the FireWire RAID hard-drive enclosure from Box Clever. The name Rewind Pro never made sense, so a change was needed. However, the graffiti-style spelling of Kube is just as inappropriate. It isn?t cubic, it?s a hexahedron ? six sided, but not all sides are of an equal length. The Kube that we tested was impressive. The Dual 250MB hard drives were lightning fast, despite being 5,400rpm models. 7,200rpm drives are available, but the 5,400rpm drives when formatted to run as one drive will be fast enough for most people. The two drives are formatted by Apple?s Disk Utility, and they can be either mirrored or striped. Mirroring means they can work as two drives recording the same information, so if one fails, the other is an instant backup. Striping joins them to make one big drive that has higher performance, but no backup. If one of the Kube?s drives fails, it can be popped out with the turn of a key. For critical work, a spare backup drive is wise, so a failed back-up drive can be quickly replaced. One nice feature is the LCD display on the drives that displays peak and average transfer speeds, or a pleasing screen saver. A blue power light on the Kube?s front adds to the aesthetics, but little to the function.
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