Kyocera FS 3750 full review

In a world full of colour printers it’s easy to forget that most office printing is still served by mono lasers. Kyocera has released a new range of printers with this in mind, including the Kyocera FS-3750. I’ve seen printers from Kyocera before, usually for group tests of laser printers. Unfortunately, in the past, they didn’t make the grade for inclusion because of general Mac-unfriendliness. This new range of printers indicates a change of heart regarding Mac compatibility. For a first stab at Mac printing, Kyocera has done well, but there’s still room for improvement. The first thing the user needs to do is install the drivers. This is relatively straightforward, although novices may get confused. The next hurdle is getting the printer to talk to the Macintosh network. Again, this may catch-out a novice, but most offices have a pseudo-techie. Future models may be pre-configured to recognize a Mac network. When it’s up and running, it’s a terrific printer, printing up to 1,200dpi, and happily cranking out 18 pages per minute. It comes with a two-year warranty, and Kyocera claims the lowest cost per page in the industry. Nice! The low-cost printing is due to the Ecosys cartridge-free toner system, meaning the drum and developer doesn’t get replaced with every toner refill. The only waste is the toner container. The casing that holds the whole package is small – which is good – but it’s also ugly. You can increase the ugly factor by adding extra bits to it. There’s a selection of add-ons, including a duplex unit, envelope feeder, stacker, sorter, stack feeder and so on. The end result looks a bit like Frankenstein’s monster.
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