LA Robe full review

Be.ez (pronounced "be easy" in case you're wondering) is a French company that makes stylish cases, and in some case impractical, cases and laptop bags. And it's now turned its hand to the iPad, in the form of this LA robe for iPad.

It's made out of a Low Resilience Polyurethane skin with an inner lip for maximum protection. And that's about it for the science. It's a case that you slip an iPad into; it has a zip across the top.

There are no pockets, no handle, no carrying strap; so this isn't so much a carry case as a protective shell to keep the iPad in. There's nothing wrong with that.

We've had some problems with Be.ez products in the past (like the MacBook bag with the handle that wouldn't stop squeaking) but we can't deny the stylish nature of be-ez's bags. We tested here the red Allure case, and although it's a bit vibrant all the girls in the office seem to love it. And because it's fairly simple there's nothing at all to squeak or go wrong.

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