LaCie Dupli-125 full review

Every month, I have to archive all the content of Macworld’s sister publication, Digit. On average, there are five CDs per issue, and five copies of each CD – so when this five-CD duplicator was placed on my desk, I fairly whooped for joy. The Dupli-125 is simple. It features CD drives: one DVD-ROM for the original, and five 12x CD-RW drives for the copies. The back panel features just two cooling fans, the on/off switch, and a power socket – there are no other Mac connections, as this is a stand-alone drive. The unit’s appearance is deceptively simple – the real power lies in the DVD-ROM drive, where you can set options for copying, rewriting, or erasing discs. Configuring the duplicator for the job in hand is a simple matter of using the Yes/No/Escape buttons to navigate a series of onscreen menus, then finalizing your choice. The display gives a prompt at each point of the procedure, telling you to insert the master disc, then opening the five CD-RW trays for the blank media. Pressing the Yes button starts things moving. The unit beeps when it’s done, although this was barely audible over the din of the office. Once I was happy that everything was working correctly, I set the duplicator to perform a burn and verify run. Five copies of my 698MB test disc were burnt and verified in 13 minutes 54 seconds. Burning and verifying five discs separately would’ve taken over 70 minutes. If you think that 13 minutes 54 seconds is a long time, remember that verification almost doubles the time taken. If you’re in a hurry, verification can be disabled. Once finished, the Dupli beeps, and ejects the discs. This worried me a little: my test unit was on the floor – if you’re embroiled in work and don’t notice the beep, you might well kick the open trays off as you walk past. The door on the front of the machine has to be left open while it’s in operation, too – another target for your foot. Many options are provided for ones copying needs: you can copy a disc with no verification; verify a disc without copying it; copy and verify a disc; copy and read-check a disc; perform a bulk-erase on CD-RW discs; and change the write-speed and session-mode.
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