Layers - Pro Edition for iPad full review

If you love to paint or draw, Layers - Pro Edition for iPad is worth a serious look. At £3.49, it ranks alongside other painting apps for the iPad like Brushes or Sketchbook Pro.

When first opening Layers Pro, you’ll find yourself in the gallery, where paintings are stored. From here, you can create a new painting, continue where you left off on a previous painting or browse an online gallery of other users’ Layers paintings, which you can replay to see how they were created.

Layers Pro comes with 15 brushes, which you can adjust for size and opacity, as well as erase and smudge tools. We like the fact that you can offset the brush tip from your finger by up to 80 pixels to make painting easier.

Other features include a colour wheel with a slider that lets you adjust how light or dark a particular colour will be, and an eyedropper tool that lets you choose an existing colour from your painting.

One of the best things about Layer Pro is its undo history palette. This lets you zip back to any one of 30 previous actions you’ve made. Undos are saved with your painting, so you can access them again the next time you open it up.

Layers Pro also gives you the ability to use up to five different layers in your painting, which you can adjust for colour, opacity, rotation and positioning. You can also merge each layer with the next layer down, and change its order in your painting by moving it up and down the layer stack.

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