Lo-mob Superslides full review

You don't have to be a child of the 1950s, 60s or 70s to appreciate vintage, a style that while dated to a particular era remains fashionably in-vogue. That vintage look is the cornerstone of numerous popular iPhone apps, designed to give your digital photos an analog look, recreating all the beautiful nuances and imperfections of traditional film, while evoking memories you might never of had. Lo-mob Superslides from developer Aestesis is a recent addition to that trend, turning your digital photos into film slides. A companion to the well received Lo-mob app, it offers 19 evocative, vintage photo filters including half frames. 

Lo-mob Superslides for iPhone  

Unlike Lo-mob, each component of the filters can be randomised simply by refreshing the image. While the results are often only subtle, it means no two filtered images will be identical. You can further the variety by selecting images already edited in other iPhone apps, creating impressive results, which likely look less generic than some apps used on their own. Within the apps settings each process - frame, vignetting and leaks, focus and dust, film - can all be switched on or off to create a different look. Superslides also offers the option to save the original image taken directly, as well as editing those from your camera roll, which seems like the better option, one that will ensure the moment is not lost while you experiment. 

 Lo-mob Superslides for iPhone

In simple terms, Superslides puts mainly big white borders around your images, some with text, some without. It's a look that while seductive can reduce the impact of your photos, so some significant image cropping may be needed to maintain detail, especially if you share your images on Instagram.  The app also offers the ability to save and share images at different resolutions, which is a nice touch, although images saved to your camera roll look best at 'Maximum' setting. 

Lo-mob Superslides for iPhone  

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