Logic Audio 4.0 full review

Version 4.0 of Logic Audio is the most extensive upgrade yet to E-magic’s audio sequencing and editing software. Logic now supports multiple languages, switchable from the Display Preferences – rather than just having separate English and German versions as previously – and the menus have finally been re-organized – mostly for the better. The former Structure menu of the Arrange window is completely integrated into the Functions menu and there is a completely new Audio menu, for example. One of the best new features is being able to record simultaneously onto multiple MIDI tracks – finally bringing Logic into line with software like Digital Performer that has always had this capability. Tracks can also now be displayed, using individual zoom factors – so you can have a detailed view of just the track/s you are working on. Logic Audio’s Environment has three new ‘objects’ that will please the techies among you: Aliases, Ornament objects and Macro objects. Also, there are two new modes for the Transformer object: Alternating Split and Sysex Mapper. The best news, is that the real-time audio effects have been fundamentally redesigned to provide much better quality. You now have Tape Delay, Stereo Delay, a choice of SilverVerb, GoldVerb or PlatinumVerb, and loads more useful new effects – all looking great on screen and, more importantly, sounding good as well. And, when you change the audio driver settings, this will now often work without rebooting Logic. Previously, this was always a pain.
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