LoJack for Laptops full review

MacBooks are powerful, stylish and priced at a level reflecting their premium status. They can also be easily lost or stolen.

If you’re a MacBook-toting traveller, LoJack for Laptops is an inexpensive investment that could save you thousands in hardware costs and data recovery. It works in four key ways.

The moment you discover that your MacBook has gone missing, you can lock it down remotely, online. Device Lock stops your Mac from booting into the operating system. You can also set it to display a custom message – with your return details, for example.

You can also remotely erase data, selectively. The feature, dubbed Data Delete, lets you target sensitive files, leaving others intact.

LoJack for Laptops has already aided in the recovery of over 20,000 devices. Could yours be the next one?

The third feature enables you to locate your laptop’s whereabouts on a map. If you’ve simply left your MacBook in a hotel room or the back of a cab, you should be able to quickly track it down using this clever feature. There’s one caveat here – the standard edition only uses IP address location, so the laptop has to be connected to a WiFi network.

Furthemore, IP location can only narrow down your device’s whereabouts to an area rather than a pinpoint address. An upgrade to the Premium version enables GPS tracking.

The final, killer feature isn’t even part of the software. Your LoJack purchase includes access to a crack recovery team made up of ex-coppers and security experts.

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