LP530 full review

InFocus has about the biggest range of data projectors anywhere. It uses LCD technology in some models, but its real forte is the excellent DLP (Digital Light Processor) technology that it uses in most models. The LP530 uses DLP with some other technologies new to data projection, to produces amazing images. The specifications for the LP530 are impressive. It sports a 2,000-lumen output, with an XGA (1,024-x-768-pixel) resolution. And, it weighs in at a relatively dainty 5.7 pounds. The LP530 uses a video processor from Faroudja. You’re unlikely to have heard of Faroudja, unless you’re into home cinema in a big way. Faroudja makes video processors costing tens of thousands of pounds, so is not a household name. For the first time ever, Faroudja technology is available to those on a smaller budget – though admittedly not a small budget. It’s a groundbreaking feature to include. The Faroudja video processor works with moving video to eliminate artefacts introduced by the projection system. Normal video is an interlaced image. That’s an image drawn in two passes; first odd, then even, numbered lines. Projected video is not an interlaced image, as the whole screen is drawn in a single pass. It’s also likely to have a different frame-rate to video. For a projector to display video, the signal must be processed to allow for these different methods of displaying images. The Faroudja processor is the best in the business, and a side-by-side comparison of identical projected movies shows a huge difference in the quality of moving images. If you’ve seen the diminutive InFocus’s ultra-portable LP130, the shape of the LP530 will be familiar. However, this is a higher-spec model, and is therefore considerably bigger. That said, compared to a projector even a couple of years old, it’s still compact; and comes in its own carrying case. The dimensions are 260-x-280-x-85mm. The LP 530 isn’t a tiny projector, but it is still small enough to take on the road. On the other hand, it’s beefy enough to stay in the conference room, so you get the best of both worlds. This versatility makes it a highly attractive deal.
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