You don’t have to go too far back to when a portable digital projector meant it came with a trolley. The latest offering from InFocus is so small it could get lost down the back of a sofa – how times change. The LP70 is tiny, but the reactions of those who see it are big. Its footprint is about the size of A5 paper – half the size of this page – yet it doesn’t feel too small. From a technical standpoint, the LP70 is nothing short of miraculous. InFocus has crammed a projector into a box just 199-x-63.4-x-148mm. This might be less of a challenge if the designers had forgone the high technical standards of the other models in the InFocus range – then they could have made it smaller by making it low resolution, less bright, or adding less soundproofing. The LP70’s image quality is uncompromisingly high. It outputs a brightness of 1,100 ANSI lumens – enough for any conditions except direct sunlight. It boasts a contrast ratio of 800:1, and a whisper-quiet 32dB of audible noise. The weedy 1W speaker is the only compromise, but that saves us from the swooshing sound effects of bad PowerPoint presentations. The dot-com bandwagon meant that high-tech goodies, such as tiny digital projectors, were being sold by the bucket load while the market was hot in the US. The more-conservative Europeans were less inclined to blow £4-5,000 on personal projectors. Thankfully, prices have dropped to a more-affordable level, meaning you get the same features for just £2,500.


The LP70 is state of the art, and reasonably priced, though you are paying extra for the portability. Its nearest competitor is probably the InFocus LP130, predecessor to the LP70. The original price of the LP130 was over £4,000, but now it’s £250 cheaper than the new tiny model. Either one is a good bet, as they’re smaller and more powerful than most other competitors. Now the price is more manageable, there’s no reason to buy bulky models for the road.

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