M-Edge Incline full review

M-Edge’s Incline case has a lot of potential, but we found that the unique design was often impractical.

Installing our iPad was easy thanks to the flexible clips at the corners of the clear plastic uView frame, which is completely detachable from the outer case. The mount has four ‘feet’ to enable it to be used as what M-Edge calls a "convenient low profile snap-on case". We didn't find it was particularly useful to be able to remove the iPad from the case, but some might.

The uView mount is extremely difficult to remove to start with, and almost as tricky to replace. That's until you've got the knack.

The ledges on the front of the case can be used to position the iPad in three landscape angles, ideal for typing, FaceTime and watching movies. Removing the uView mount and reattaching it in a portrait orientation gives an additional two standing positions.

The Incline doesn’t have a cut out for the rear camera. Instead, you slide the uView mount up, pushing the camera above the case’s edge.  This is a neat idea, but we found it became an irritating extra step.

The case is held closed using microsuction technology, a kind of sticky strip that holds onto the iPad itself, but doesn’t leave any marks behind. We found it worked well during a couple of weeks of testing.

With its faux carbon fibre exterior and microsuede interior, the Incline looks high quality and stylish, and it’s also available in cobalt, black, green, or red.

Unfortunately, the case doesn’t protect the top and bottom edges of the iPad too well. Our tablet got scratched during testing, probably by a key or a pen that managed to slip into the top of the case. If you're careful, you can avoid this, but in our view a case should fully protect your device.

The ability to position the stand in both portrait and landscape orientations, along with good looks, make the incline a good case. However, there are similarly priced cases available that are much better.

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