Choroka K2 laptop bag

This messenger-style bag doesn’t win any points for looks – it’s a very baggy and dowdy messenger-style bag, to the point where it looks formless – but it scores very highly on practicality.

The pocket for your MacBook includes very generous padding. However, the flap that covers it has the Velcro sewn in too low, so closing the pocket takes a little more thought than it should – not a big problem but niggling. Inside the front face there’s another zipped pocket for accessories, with open slots for a mobile and iPod.


The rest of the bag is a big empty space, with enough room for light shopping. The lack of a document wallet may bother some. The open format means that important papers are likely to arrive crumpled unless they hitch a ride inside the main laptop compartment. Otherwise, this is a nice all-rounder. It’s lightweight, with good protection and plenty of room.

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