Cynergy DT USB XS Diversity Review

The main problem with digital TV tuners is that digital reception still varies enormously throughout different parts of the country.

Terratec’s Cynergy DT USB XS Diversity attempts to solve this problem by using two digital TV tuners at the same time. Terratec says that this will improve reception – which is true, although the improvement wasn’t as great as we had hoped.

We were unable to get any digital TV reception at home when using the Pinnacle TV For Mac or TubeStick. In contrast, the Cynergy did allow us to pick up half a dozen or so digital channels – but nowhere near the complete selection of 50+ channels that should be available.


Still, the twin tuners do provide one additional benefit, which is that you can watch one channel while recording a second channel. The Cynergy might therefore be worth buying if you’re a fan of both Champions League football and Coronation Street.

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