Digital Media Streaming devices group test


For years we were promised that our homes would be magically transformed in the digital age. We were dazzled with visions of being able to call up any photo, music track, playlist or video from the comfort of our sofa and watch it all on that impressively sharp HD TV gracing the wall.

TV programmes, films that had been downloaded on demand or rented online and online games would all be ripe for delivery whenever we want them, at the click of a mouse or flick of a scroll wheel.

Now, finally, the digital home has arrived. Wireless connections are faster than ever and more digital content is available for legal download at a low price.

But does all the achingly desirable gadgetry pushed at us by enthusiastic consumer electronics and home networking brands actually deliver? Can it be depended on if you invite your cousins round and decide to show off that amusing video of Auntie Hilda? We rigorously tested four media streaming devices to reveal the truth.

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