DiNovo Mac Edition full review

The DiNovo is an extremely slim, cordless keyboard, just 2.2cm thick, and supplied with a little USB receiver that allows you to connect it wirelessly to your computer. It’s designed primarily for use with laptops, and its black and silver colour scheme will make a nice match for the new MacBook range. The keyboard lies almost flat on your desk, with only a slight upward tilt towards its rear edge. This feels a little strange at first – especially if you’re used to old-fashioned keyboards that are raised quite high off the desk – but it soon starts to feel quite comfortable.

Admittedly, Apple’s latest keyboard designs are even slimmer, but they’re actually so small that many people find them unsuitable for anything more than a bit of web surfing or typing the occasional email. If you need a full-size keyboard for frequent typing at work then we’d definitely prefer the larger and more comfortable DiNovo.

As it’s designed for use with notebooks, the DiNovo has a notebook-style keyboard with function keys (F1-F19) that can be used in two modes. As well as using standard Mac function keys, such as F10 and F11 to activate Exposé, there’s also a secondary command available for each key that can be activated by pressing the special ‘Fn’ key. Some of these are standard notebook controls, such as using F1 and F2 to control the brightness of the notebook screen, but there are also a number of useful commands designed specifically with the Mac in mind.

We particularly like the use of the F13 and F14 keys to activate the CoverFlow and Quick Look features in Leopard, and there are also function keys that can be used to control iTunes and to launch programs such as Mail and Safari. Logitech’s Control Centre software allows you to change the commands that are assigned to the various function keys, so you’ve got plenty of scope to customise the DiNovo to suit your own working habits.

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