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Crumpler is no stranger to the Mac market. There are some brands that seem to just fit with the whole Mac ethos: Crucial, LaCie, Adobe. They are just part and parcel of the Mac ecosystem.

Like many brands associated with Apple, there is an air of quality attached to Crumpler, but one that doesn't come across as stuffy. Any other company might be tempted to go with a term such as 'executive' but Crumpler goes with the rather more playful Dr Henkel.

Loosely based upon the idea of a Doctor’s bag, the Dr Henkel is an exceedingly spacious bag with a curved top and both a carrying handle and seatbelt shoulder strap.

There's no denying this sits at the top end of the laptop bag tree. It comes with a spacious interior with a dedicated internal sleeve that fits up to a 15in MacBook; on either side of this are huge main sections with an assortment of zip pockets. On the outside are two further large pockets with Velcro fastening.

The whole thing screams quality in a way that few other bags we've tested do. Even the strap is well designed moving from one side of the bag to the other for maximum comfort.

The only problem is that all this comes at a price. And it’s a fairly hefty one at that. Weighing on at £159 the Dr Henkel is expensive by any standards. Being made out of regular fabric – and not leather or snakeskin, or anything else that could perhaps warrant the whopping price tag – only serves to raise eyebrows. Especially when other high quality bags, made by other perfectly good companies such as Brenthaven, typically weigh in at £60.

The price isn’t the only thing that’s heavy either. The bag itself weighs in at 1.3 kilos when empty. Add another 2 kilos from a MacBook Pro and it starts to drag into your shoulder. The size of the innards means that the Dr Henkel can accommodate a wide variety of accruements, which is a double-edged sword (more kit means more weight). Despite Crumpler’s fine shoulder pad, a weighty Dr Henkel is a painful shoulder experience. Perhaps it crosses a bag this size is better suited to a backpack style.

Still. It's an excellent laptop bag and if you spend all day carrying around your laptop, then how much would you pay to do it in superb style? That’s a question each person can only answer for him, or herself. We put it out the Macworld crowd on Twitter and a surprising number of people said they’d be happy to pay this price if the bag was good enough, so there you go…

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