Elgato EyeTV DTT

Elgato makes a wide range of TV tuners and related video devices, but the EyeTV DTT is its most basic tuner for watching the terrestrial digital Freeview channels. This menas it can’t receive ordinary analogue TV signals. So if you can’t get good digital reception in your area you might want to consider one of the rival products here that are able to receive both analogue and digital channels as an alternative.

Elgato’s strong point has always been its EyeTV software, which is also used by rivals such as the Terratec Cinergy tuner. The EyeTV software includes a built-in programme guide that makes it easy to locate and record your favourite programmes.

EyeTV also borrows iTunes’ cover flow feature, providing a neat graphical preview of all of your recorded programmes.


There are simple options for converting your recordings into the H.264 format used by the iPod and iPhone, and even a WiFi option for sending recorded programs over a wireless network. The only thing missing is the ability to stream live TV programmes across your network, to another Mac, iPod or iPhone – which would be handy.

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