Model L full review

Describing the Geneva Model L as a set of iPod speakers is a bit like saying that David Beckham has a few quid in the bank. It’s a complete home audio system that just happens to have an iPod dock attached.

It’s constructed out of posh-looking lacquered wood, and you can choose from red, white, or black. It’s a foot tall, and weighs a thumping 17.2kg. The unit includes a set of stereo speakers that use a system known as EmbracingSound to produce good separation between the left and right audio channels even though the two speakers sit side-by-side within the same case.

In addition to the iPod dock, the Model L includes a built-in CD player, FM radio, and auxiliary audio input for connecting other types players.

Finally, there’s the little matter of the digital amplifier that’s capable of pumping out 100W of sound. Conveniently, the glowing red volume indicator on the front of the unit also goes up to 100, and we found that we were only able to get up to about 70 before we had to turn it down for fear of upsetting the neighbours.

It’s a terrific sound _ clean and clear, and more than powerful enough to fill any room in your home, or even a small hall or warehouse. The Model L doesn’t have a subwoofer built into it, but the remote control provides separate controls for treble and bass, so you’ve got good control over the sound balance. The only real drawback is the _799 price tag (plus another _139 for the optional pedestal-stand). However, there’s a more compact version called the Model M for _499, as well as an even bigger and louder Model XL for £1,499.

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