GrooveTrip II full review

There is a huge array of FM transmitters available for iPods these days – in fact, Cygnett itself makes almost a dozen different models. However, most of these devices are specifically designed for use with iPods and are equipped with the 30-pin dock connector that plugs into the base of the iPod.

In contrast, the GrooveTrip II – like the original GrooveTrip transmitter – uses a standard audio
jack that plugs into the headphone socket on the iPod or iPhone. This means that it can also be used with other types of MP3 player, or any audio device that also has a standard audio socket. Once you’ve plugged it into the iPod’s headphone socket, the device works like any other FM transmitter, broadcasting your iPod’s music library on whatever FM radio frequency you choose. Your tunes can then be picked up and played through your car stereo, home music system or any other device with an FM tuner built into it.

The GrooveTrip II is a compact unit that you can slip easily into your pocket. It lets you quickly scan the FM spectrum for an available frequency by using the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons on the front of the unit, and the small LCD screen clearly displays the chosen frequency. There are also four other small ‘preset’ buttons that allow you to store four FM frequencies for instant use.

The GrooveTrip II requires two AAA batteries for power and it turns itself off automatically after 60 seconds to save juice when it’s not in use.

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