IceCam2 full review

Macally always designs its products with Mac-friendly personas and the IceCam2 is no exception. Its predecessor got uncomplimentary reviews about lacklustre looks and performance, but that has been addressed here, with plenty of improvements made.

The bright, white plastic styling is much better and there’s a built-in microphone, while the camera is quickly and easily enabled via USB 2.0. There’s 640 x 480 resolution and up to 30 frames per second (fps) picture delivery. The IceCam2 also boasts an infinite number of adjustment options thanks to its two-axle swivel joints, and a spring-loaded clamp on the base of the unit allows easy attachment.

Like the Logitech model, it has a power/status LED and the lengthy USB cable is welcome. Set-up and operation are straightforward and some focus adjustment is available via a rotating ring around the lens, but aside from that the features are limited.

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