iMac swivel stand

With the sort of unlikely name that only a Japanese marketing executive could think up, Dance with i is – disappointingly – a plain swivel stand for the iMac. The blurb on the box muddies the linguistic waters even further with the following printed instruction: "Stand up Please! Fellow iMac! Dance with i". Crazy name, crazy guys. The brochure has, possibly, the best quote ever: "Receiving fantastic reputations, iMac standard stand ‘Dance with i’ can be handled easily – even by a lady!!" Fitting it involves flipping your iMac over – hoping that all your icons don’t fall out of the top – yanking off the tilt stand, and lining up the unit’s rubber feet with the stand. It’s kept in place by two screws, that were tricky to align.


Whether it’s a wise purchase depends on how often, if ever, you miss the ability to be able to tilt your screen to a different angle. It’s colour co-ordinated and looks rather fetching. Ergonomically, its greatest benefit is that it raises the screen to a higher and more comfortable position – though that might be a quirk of my upper torso. At any rate, it costs nigh on £40, which, as your grandparents would tell you, is a lot of money to pay for a bit of coloured plastic.
Please remember though: never ever attempt to dance with electrical equipment, especially when fresh out of the bath.

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