inTempo iDS01 Unplugged review

The inTempo iDS01 Unplugged is a smart travel speaker at a very decent price. And, considering its size and budget nature, it sounds pretty good.

Available in either black or silver, the iDS01 Unplugged needs four AA batteries. You’ll get about 20 hours of playing time from a set of batteries.

The ‘twin towers’ design is a little clunky for a set of portable speakers – we prefer the flatter design of rivals such as Altec Lansing’s inMotion speakers, or even inTempo’s own iDS05 model. However, those other speakers are all dearer than the Unplugged, so we won’t complain too much.

There’s a dock unit for the iPod built in, so you can just slot the iPod into place and then use the supplied remote control to choose your songs. The remote control works very well – in addition to the volume and playback controls it also has a ‘menu’ button that allows you to switch to the iPod’s main menu and then navigate through the various playlists and other menus. There’s also a second audio input on the rear of the unit so that you can connect other audio devices as well.


The powerful 12W output produces plenty of volume – a bit more bass would be nice, but that’s a lot to ask from a set of speakers of these miniscule proportions. Of course, if you shell out a bit more cash you’ll get jazzier design and better sound, but the The inTempo iDS01 is worth considering if you’re looking for an inexpensive set of speakers for slipping into a backpack when you go away for the weekend.

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