iPod alarm clocks reviewed


Don’t you hate a morning person? Well, if you get your hands on one of the finest iPod alarm clocks out there, you might be about to join their cheerful ranks. Competition is fierce in the iPod-wake-up world, and our six contenders in our roundup range from the low-budget and basic right through to the upmarket and pricey.

We’ve got everything from the sensible styling of the Ozaki iBand, the slumber-busting power of the XtremeMac Luna LX and Boston Acoustics Duo-i, through to the downright eccentricity of the iLuv IMM173 Double Play or the funky little Logic3 MIP190 Clock Dock. Then there’s the iHome iP27, which is all about the iPod – it doesn’t have a radio at all.

But it’s not just abou the wake-up call – we’ll be keeping a keen ear on the sound quality of these models, as well as assessing their handsomeness and features, so you can be sure to pick the perfect bedside Hi-Fi.

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