iSee 4G full review

The 4th-generation iPod nano is sturdier than previous models (in particular the 1st-generation nano which was particularly scratch-prone). However, keeping it safe from hard knocks plus general wear and tear is always important; even more so with the latest model because the new ‘shake to shuffle’ feature is an accident waiting to happen.

Contour Design's iSee is one of the clear see-through style of cases for the iPod nano, the idea being to surround the iPod in clear plastic that protects it from knocks without changing its looks. The clear plastic pulls apart and fits snugly around the iPod nano. There is a circular area free on the face so you can access the clickwheel, plus free areas at the top and bottom for the lock switch, and iPod cable.

A smart touch is the removable screen plate, which is a separate piece of plastic. So you can opt to have the screen protected (but covered in plastic) or fully visible but unprotected. Because it's see-through you might want to keep it in place unless you watch a lot of video clips.

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