iSobre Urban laptop sleeve

Spanish company iSobre is probably best known for its Vintage laptop sleeve design. Made from full-grain cowhide leather, it closely resembles the iconic manila envelope seen on the original MacBook Air ads to illustrate the laptop's slimline profile.

iSobre now offers a range of sleeves designed to cover all tastes, from formal and business-like, to more funky and fashionable.

The Urban, as you'd expect from the name, has a more contemporary look, stylish white leather with a choice of blue, fuchsia or green soft suede-like interior. Using a white, natural tanning finish the Urban is hand made, a process you can view on YouTube, and such attention to detail is reflected in the price.

The Urban comes with two white buttons and a tie to keep your MacBook or MacBook Air in place in transit or when not in use. As you'd expect for the price it's built to last, but it's worth keeping an eye on the small tie when not in use, as it can easily be mislaid.

The sleeve arrived in a promptly direct from Cadiz, south of Spain, via FedEx, so well wrapped it required a few days airing to lose the strong leathery smell. It’s worth mentioning here, if leather isn’t your thing iSobre range won’t be for you. Everything they make is leather based, built on a generation-spanning business.

Being big fans of Macs at work and home, they saw the next logical step was to create a range of leather goods suitable for the MacBook and iPhone.

The white design is a bit of a dirt magnet, especially with frequent travel, but the Urban cleans up nicely with a damp cloth and a gentle rub. Full details of how best to care for your sleeve can be found on the iSobre website.

The leather design also doubles as a safe and secure laptop rest if you want to avoid the possibility of marking or scratching your MacBook. It will even help prevent it slipping on a slippery or uneven surface. It will also absorb the initial chill of the MacBook's aluminium unibody or the heat of extended use when your MacBook is on your lap.


Fashionable yet durable, the iSobre Urban is another exceptional choice for your MacBook or MacBook Air, especially for those who like to travel light and in style. For the more sedentary, the laptop sleeve serves as a perfect partner for anyone who wants a protective pouch when their MacBook is not in use.

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