Jivo World Power full review

Keeping your iPhone (or iPod) full of power is a straight-forward enough task, and you have to wonder how easy it is for chargers to differentiate themselves from the competition.

iPhone owners already get a socket charger with their device, although iPod owners have had to purchase separate power adaptors ever since the third-generation iPod was released.

You can, of course, use a computer to charge up your iPod, but when you're going on holiday you'll need a socket charger (unless you're taking your MacBook with you). And seeing as you'll be requiring a travel adaptor it might make sense to look at one of these instead.

The Jivo World Power is a square brick charger, similar to the one that Apple sells, but in shiny iPhone-matching black. It comes with four interchangable heads for UK, USA, Australia and European plug sockets.
Another advantage is that it sports two USB sockets. Because more and more of our devices require charging through USB, this is a great thing to have when you're away from home.

On the downside, it doesn't include a cable. So you have to use the one that is supplied with your iPod or iPhone. However, because some iPod cables don't charge the iPhone effectively this might be a good thing.

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