Knomo MacBook Air Sleeve full review

If you have gone to the expense, some might say folly, of investing in a MacBook Air then you should really consider something suitably impressive to carry it around in.

The MacBook Air Sleeve from Knomo is just that, a black beauty of leather, finished off with suitably understated yellow stitching and lush padded interior.

Weighing in at just 0.7kg, it matches the MacBook Air’s 1.36 kg, or 3 lbs for lightness.

After all, why invest many pounds in cash to save a few extra pounds in weight only to be weighed down by excess baggage.

Size matters here as well and the MacBook Air Sleeve has enough room for a few essentials, your laptops power supply for instance, and little else.

Two slim pockets, on front and back, offer some storage but if you looking for a suitable home for your iPod, phone and daily sundries look elsewhere.

An optional adjustable shoulder strap is included which clips on the sleeve firmly but the MacBook Air Sleeve can easily be carried in hand.

Whilst Knomo makes the kind of bags and laptop sleeves that turn heads, in the case of the svelte MacBook Air Sleeve, your investment can be cautiously hidden when needs must.

You could, for instance, easily pop the sleeve into a carrier bag or larger anonymous bag late at night without drawing attention.

The branding as such is equally discreet, a small stitched Knomo logo in black blends well into the overall unfussy yet classy design. Knomo also includes a tracker ID, a permanent ‘if lost’ tag, which gives you the option to register your details in the hope that if your bag or sleeve is lost someone will return it.

This worthy idea of course relies on the honesty of whoever finds it so you might want to cross your fingers each time you set foot outside your door with your laptop in hand.

The build, as expected at this price, is solid, a quality zip and interior should offer a fair amount of protection for any MacBook Air on the move.

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