Mophie Juice Pack range full review

Ever since the iPhone 3G was introduced, its battery life has been an issue for owners to contend with. The answer, for some users, has been to invest in an external battery like this Mophie Juice Pack.

Like the iPod, the iPhone has a built in battery that can’t be removed, so any extra power has to come in the form of an external battery. The Mophie Juice Pack handles this situation by cleverly integrating the extra battery into an external case that covers the rear of the phone. Clad in the rubberised non-slip material that seems so popular these days, the Juice Pack slips around the rear of the iPhone, bulking it out but not interfering with the height of the model. This stands in contrast to other battery models such as the Kensington Battery Pack and Charger, which tend to stick out from the bottom of the iPhone.

Mophie Juice PackThe idea is that you attach the Mophie Juice Pack and continue to use the phone with the Juice Pack attached. When it’s stopped supplying power to the iPhone, remove it and use the phone as normal. We found it an interesting alternative to the square battery option, but the extra bulk it adds to the iPhone takes away from its usual svelte design.

Still, it’s not an ugly piece of kit and is made out of good quality material. The case fits snugly around the rear of the iPhone and has an indent at the top so the camera can still be used. On the rear is a button and four lights; click the button and the lights show you roughly how much power is in the case. The Mophie Juice is designed to give you an extra six hours (or more) depending on use; which more than doubles the iPhone’s 3G’s battery life. Of course, it depends upon what you're using the iPhone 3G for. Using 3G uses more power than WiFi, for example, and watching video drains the battery within a few hours.

At the bottom of the Mophie Juice Pack is a USB socket, which is used to connect the device to a computer for charging; we were pleased to see that the iPhone is capable of being synced while connected via the USB socket. The Mophie Juice Pack carries the Work With iPhone certification. It should be noted that we tested the Mophie Juice Pack 3G model, but versions are available for the original iPhone.

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