Navigon 7310 full review

As the top model in Navigon’s sat nav range, the 7310 comes with all the trimmings, including traffic management and re-routing in case of traffic congestion. It supports voice-activated navigation and Bluetooth.

Unlike the Garmin 865T, the Navigon doesn’t have a separate module that clamps on to the steering wheel. Instead, you select Voice controls from the Settings menu and follow its prompts to enter an address. It took us ages to get it to recognise what we wanted. We found it easier to input address details in the traditional fashion.

In 3D mode it shows suburban roads next to Monopoly-style rows of white houses, while in big cities you get 3D renderings of well-known landmarks to help you get your bearings. The Navigon also reads aloud the names of streets you need to take.

A Clever Parking feature helps you find out where there are usually parking spaces so you don’t waste an hour trying to park. A more useful inclusion is Panorama View 3D: especially if faced with a string of mountainous peaks and dangerous bends.

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